Saturday, August 3, 2013

Round Lake NY Craft Fair Countdown

Two weeks from today at this very moment I will be packing up and leaving to set up my Craft Fair booth at the Round Lake NY Arts and Crafts Festival. which is listed on the official I Love NY website.  Its all outside so I am am hoping for no rain and not too hot.

I have been making lists and more lists to make sure I have everything in order.  Its all very daunting since we have never done one this big before.  We are hoping for the best but if we just break even I would be happy. I know that sounds like really low expectations but better low and be excited when we sell out then high and sell nothing.  The best part for me is that I am doing it with my daughter so it makes me happy to be able to spend some time together for two days.  YIKES two whole days of selling outside in hopefully really nice weather.

Round Lake, NY is more then just a craft fair.  The village of Round Lake began in 1867 as a summer camp meeting locale for groups of Methodists.  If you have ever been to Martha Vineyard there is a similar community and history in Oak Bluff.  They were both started by the same group of people. The first visitors lived in tents and by 1868 more permanent structures where erected.

A pipe Ferris Tracker organ built in 1847, the oldest and largest three manual organ in existence reside in the Round Lake auditorium and is still used today for musical programs.

Round Lake auditorium
By 1960  the interest in the Methodist camp was declining and in 1969 the village of Round Lake became incorporated and remains a sweet unique town with  gingerbread houses lining the small narrow streets of Round Lake.

Many houses are very close together. Built on the same site as the original tents in 1867.

One of the pretty Victorians that you can find at Round Lake, NY

This ones for sale.  Any takers????

Cannot get enough gingerbread houses in Round Lake.

Round Lake
So if you happen to be in or around the area of Saratoga, NY for the races or other fun on Aug 17 and 18 its a hop, skip, and a jump to get to Round Lake for the craft fair of over 100 juried artists and the added bonus is that you also get to visit a piece of upstate New York history.  The town of Round Lake.

Mary Ann