Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sad To See You Go Dad

I have written about my dad a number of times in my blog and sadly last night  at the ripe old age of 96 he passed away.

For the most of those years he had been a pretty healthy guy but three weeks ago he developed pneumonia and had a heart attack and just could not seem to come back from it.

Even  though I am extremely sad to say good bye to him, I want to celebrate his life and who was.

A great son to his parents.
A thoughtful brother to his three sisters.
A loving husband to my mom.
A hard working provider to his family.
An awesome grandfather and great grandfather.
And the most creative corny joke teller ever.

And to me he was the best dad, anyone could have.

Bye Daddy you will be missed.


Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Monday, April 21, 2014

Things That I Learned - Riturals And Rodent Robbery

Yesterday we celebrated Easter.   One of the big rituals of holiday is an Easter egg hunt.  Every year Nana, my grandchildrens other grandmother, painstakingly fills fifty plastic eggs with candy and money.   Usually she has it at her house but this year she gave the bag of surprise filled eggs to my son-in-law Trevor so he could hide them around their house instead.

After making sure that the kids were asleep Trevor crept outside and hid all fifty plus eggs in the yard and the woods directly behind their house.  After church, the next morning, it was time for the Easter egg fun.  Everyone ran outside, baskets in hand to collect the treats.  The kids looked behind trees, in flower pots, in bushes and not one egg could be found.  At first the kids were up for the challenge but after a short while they started to whine, "this is too hard".  What the kids did not know is that their father Trevor had no idea either where they were.  Every egg that he had placed in the yard was gone, disappeared.

He encouraged the kids to move onto the woods.  There had to be eggs there, right?  To the kids disappointment not one egg was found in the woods, only a trail of brightly colored chewed up plastic pieces.   Yikes!  Well, apparently  while the family was at church the squirrels had been hard at work chewing through plastic eggs, helping themselves to all the treats inside.  The only thing left behind was a few one dollar bills which were not as tasty a Skiddle.

So what I have learned is never hide plastic treat filled eggs where a nasty rodent might steal them.  Rodents just don't share.

Mary Ann

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - Q for Quiet Not Me

I am loud!!!!
Even when I think I am whispering everyone around me can hear the secret.  Along with my very loud voice is an even louder laugh.  When I hear something funny I just can't restrain myself and just belt one out.

I am that obnoxious person in the room that is disturbing your nice quiet meal in a restaurant.  I am the one in the back of you laughing loudly at the movies, the one that you want to throw your $5.00 super sized Pepsi at.  In addition to my talking and laughing loudly I am an emotional loud crier.  So in the same movie if a scene goes from funny to sad you will hear me sobbing.

It's not like I want to be disrespectful to others.  Honestly I do try.  I start out with a lower tone but as the conversation continues or something funny is said, before I know it's happening, my voice escalates and out the loudness comes.  I have been yelling, screaming, laughing and crying loudly for so long I am not sure how to keep it down notch or even ten.

So what I have learned is to be more tolerate of others since others have to put up with my big loud non-quiet mouth.

Keep it down

Mary Ann

Friday, April 18, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - P for Portrait In Plaid

When I was in first grade I had trouble reading and complained that I could not see the blackboard.   My mother and father of course researched the best Optimolgist in the area of Queens where we lived and an appointment was made with a very prestigious doctor in Forest Hills.

I do not remember the doctors name but I remember that  his waiting room was dark and a  huge grandfather clock dominated the room.  It ticked, ticked, ticked the time away as we sat waiting to go in to see him.  I was very sacred, having no idea what to expect.  Just as the clock  loudly bonged three times the door flew open and there stood a nice looking  very tall elderly man calling my name, inviting me in.  The doctor it turned out was from Germany and spoke with a thick accent.  I remember how sweet he was to me, sensing my fears and trying to make me feel at ease.

It was determined that I needed glasses and off we went to the store to get my prescription filled.  My mother told me that I could pick whatever frame that I wanted.  I carefully scanned all the choices hanging from a white pegboard on the wall.   There were all different colors, reds, blues, pinks, but for whatever reason I was drawn to a pair of frames that had a plaid design.  Not sure what I was thinking  but my mom let me buy those horrible frames.  I have to say I loved those glasses probably because I was allowed to make the choice all by myself.  I am sure my mother wanted to talk me out of them, but she didn't and told me how nice I looked.

So what I have learned is that sometime we need to let the people around us make their own decisions and choices even though you know it could be a big mistake.  That's how we all learn.  

Judge for yourself how big a mistake my plaid glasses were. Yikes!!!!!

I am sure the bad bangs and big teeth did not help the look

Mary Ann

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - Overwhelmed

Well its the O day of the challenge.  I usually do my blogs first thing but its now close to 8:00 PM and I am just getting around to writing.  Its been busy day.  Lots to do to get ready for my big move next week.  I have previously mentioned that my husband and I have sold our house that we have lived in for over 30 years.   My husband is not well so we have to go to a home with no stairs and a more all around  manageable floor plan for him.  Most of the details of the sale and the move has been on my shoulders and it has been extremely overwhelming.   Its been exhausting but I am seeing that the end is near and I just am so ready to go.  

So what I have learned is that things can seem so daunting but if you keep your eye on the prize it will all be totally worth it.

So I am making this one short and sweet and hopefully have more time for tomorrow's P.

Mary Ann

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things That I have Learned - N for Non-Fiction Story Telling

Non-Fiction Story Telling is what Mark Burnett calls Reality TV and I love it.  I first became a fan of Reality TV over 40 years ago as I would sit night after night watching the series The American Family on PBS.  I could not get enough of watching the Loud family's life unfold before me.

My next big Reality TV obsession came when Survivor debuted in 2000 and have been a loyal fan for 28 seasons.  Along the way I have become a fan of many other Realty TV shows.  The Amazing Race, The Bachelor, Big Brother.  Sick and sad you might say but to me it's just plain enjoyable.

Love this show but my big mouth combined with my moo moo like bathing suit would get me voted off day one. 
Although I do love a good reality TV experience I have to say I am picky about the reality I watch.  I have never viewed one single Kardashian anything.  Honey Boo Boo will never be on my list and not a fan of The Housewives of wherever.  I seem to stick with the competitive side of reality TV like Top Chef , Project Runway or the Voice.  I used to love American Idol but it has lost it's luster and I have kind of broken up with my TV boyfriend Ryan Seacrest.  He hosted the Million Second Quiz debacle last year which took me at least 3 shows to figure out what it was all about and by that time I was done and stopped watching.

A Big NO NO to Honey Boo Boo
So what I have learned is that even though people roll there eyes when I tell them that I love Reality TV I will continue to watch, seek and enjoy many new non-reality, reality shows to come.

Mary Ann

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Things That I Learned - M for Mish Mash

Since the theme of my A to Z Bloggers Challenge is things that I have learned, I make it a point to scan the internet each day to looking for interesting words starting with the letter of the day.  Today is M and there are a number of enjoyable ones to choose so I decided to write about more the one today.

Myophobia. - fear of mice
I hate mice.  Their beady little eyes, skinny long tale and the way they scurry across the floor.  Yikes!  My toes are curling just thinking about it.  Luckily I have had very few personal encounters with this little furry beasts and I would like to keep it that way.

Multipotent  - having the power to do many things
Well since women always are juggling multiple things at the same time this word describes them to a tee.  I would get myself a pair of tights and a cape for my super power costume but I have fat ankles and big busted ladies, such as myself, can never rock a cape. My tee shirt and jeans will
have to do.

Monopode  - one-footed person with a foot large enough to be a sunshade.
Now in the past I have seen some interesting people roaming around Walmart but never a dude with one giant foot, big enough to prevent sunburn.   Good friend to have at the beach. Wow!!!!

Macrology -  much talk with little to say; redundancy
This describes most conversations that I have with my husband these days.  We are together way too much.

So through this challenge I am learning some new words.   Hopefully while I am being multipotent I will meet a momopode who uses his big foot to help with  my myophobia.  At least that should cure my husband and I of  macrology.

Mary Ann