Friday, April 18, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - P for Portrait In Plaid

When I was in first grade I had trouble reading and complained that I could not see the blackboard.   My mother and father of course researched the best Optimolgist in the area of Queens where we lived and an appointment was made with a very prestigious doctor in Forest Hills.

I do not remember the doctors name but I remember that  his waiting room was dark and a  huge grandfather clock dominated the room.  It ticked, ticked, ticked the time away as we sat waiting to go in to see him.  I was very sacred, having no idea what to expect.  Just as the clock  loudly bonged three times the door flew open and there stood a nice looking  very tall elderly man calling my name, inviting me in.  The doctor it turned out was from Germany and spoke with a thick accent.  I remember how sweet he was to me, sensing my fears and trying to make me feel at ease.

It was determined that I needed glasses and off we went to the store to get my prescription filled.  My mother told me that I could pick whatever frame that I wanted.  I carefully scanned all the choices hanging from a white pegboard on the wall.   There were all different colors, reds, blues, pinks, but for whatever reason I was drawn to a pair of frames that had a plaid design.  Not sure what I was thinking  but my mom let me buy those horrible frames.  I have to say I loved those glasses probably because I was allowed to make the choice all by myself.  I am sure my mother wanted to talk me out of them, but she didn't and told me how nice I looked.

So what I have learned is that sometime we need to let the people around us make their own decisions and choices even though you know it could be a big mistake.  That's how we all learn.  

Judge for yourself how big a mistake my plaid glasses were. Yikes!!!!!

I am sure the bad bangs and big teeth did not help the look

Mary Ann

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  1. Just got caught up on your stories and I had to tell you how much I enjoy reading them. You are a terrific writer and your next adventure should be to write a book! Have a great move. Love, Valery