Friday, April 11, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - J for Not Just Your Average Joe

He was over 6 foot tall
He fought in WWII and received a medal of honor.
He worked two or three jobs during the holidays just so Christmas would be magical.
He could swing me high up into the air and I always felt safe.
He taught me how to ride my bike.
He would always pick me up when I fell.

He is still around, at 96
His over 6 foot frame has receded to a somewhat stooped appearance since he uses a walker to get around.
He still tells me the same corny jokes and makes me laugh
He has a great sense of humor and often brags, how all the widows in assisted living where he lives, are after him.

And I know that he would still pick me up if I fell.

This is no average Joe but my dad.   To others he may look average but to me he will always be my  Superhero.

So what I have learned from my dad is how to be a good person and great parent and to always be there for the ones you love.

Love you dad, you have taught me well.

My Dad Joe

Mary Ann


  1. What a touching post! No, your father is not an average Joe. Not in the least. :)

  2. Wonderful post, Mary Ann! I love how he jokes around about the widows in the assisted living place. :)

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  3. He sounds like a real Jewel... you're a lucky woman Mary Ann

  4. Wonderful tribute to your dad, I love the way you did it, then and now.Question, have you requested a Quilt of Valor for him? You can by going to their websites. There are representatives in every state and our goal is to give every veteran a tangible gift of thanks for their service with a quilt.