Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - K for Know It All

Throughout our lives we all come in contact with those people who seem to know it all.  Whatever the conversation is, no matter what you say they always have done it, have it, witnessed it or ate it.  I have come in contact with many people who fit into that mold but there is really one that really stands out to me.

Pam was a Administrative Assistant at one of the places that I worked.  From day one of her employment she would brag about all the things that she had done or could do. She talked about her travels and all the counties where she had lived and the important jobs that she had and the gourmet meals she made every night. YIKES!!!!!  One day a group of us were discussing home repairs, she of course had lots to say and chimed in talking about how she was restoring an old house and all the work that she was doing  herself. It just sounded way over the top. The next day she brought in pictures to support her claims but they looked like something out of architectural magazine so I was somewhat wary of her actually doing this work herself.

This went on for a number of months. I got to the point that if I was involved in a conversation about anything at all, and she came over going about her experience in that area or giving advice, I would usually back away and leave the conversation. She was so irritating and I just really doubted everything she said, until one day my co-workers had an emergency and had to call her brother in Mexico.  The person who had answered her brother's phone spoke only Spanish and she was having a heck of a time understanding.  My co-worker yells out into the office "does anyone speak Spanish".   A voice yells back "I do" and around the corner comes Pam.  What!!!!! now shes an expert on languages too?  She grabs the phone and immediately starts talking fluent Spanish, talking and laughing along with the person on the other end of the phone while interpreting the conversation to my coworker. I was so impressed.  Maybe she really did know everything that she said she knew. I could have been wrong about her, WOW.

Being impressed with her was short lived because she immediately started bragging about all the languages that could speak fluently.  OMG make her stop.

Pam eventually left and went on to another job.  I am sure going to a new audience where she could boast about all her knowledge in every subject known to man or beast.   Life went on in the office without Pam but what I learned is not to take these people so serious.  I can't control the braggers of the world but I can control my attitude about them and not let it irritate me.

Well at least I will try to anyway.

Mary Ann


  1. Sounds like Pam was an interesting, well traveled and well educated person. And it sounds like she was willing to share so others could learn. Thank goodness she was able to speak Spanish and help out. Just visited Spain, my high school Spanish wasn't much help...........forgot too much; but everyone there spoke marvelous English and so it wasn't a problem. I marvel at people who can jump into and out of other languages when the wind blows...a skill I wish I had. Here for A-Z

  2. I have known people like that and work with one now, there are days it takes every ounce of patience I have to get through the day. Sometimes I think maybe they are just insecure and are trying to get people to like them by bragging. It's counterproductive, really, but what can ya do?