Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - E for Enjoy!!!!!

The dictionary meaning for the word enjoy is  To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.

Sounds like such a simple task to enjoy, but so many of us do not take the time to enjoy.  In my youth I took such pleasure in the simple things in life, like a bike ride with friends after dinner on a hot summer night, going to a movie matinee with my mom on a day that she played hooky from work,  Christmas morning when under the tree was all the things that I had asked Santa for.  Unfortunately  as time goes on and life unfolds its often hard to take those moments to enjoy.

I feel like in so many ways I have spent my life racing to a finish line, always having so much on my plate and never having enough time to enjoy the things that are going on around me.  I am sure I am not alone.  I see many of us doing the same thing, putting off things that make us happy on the back burner.  We are just way too busy to stop and smell the roses.  

So what I have learned is that life is way too short. I need to take time to enjoy the wonderful things that I have every single day.  I am certainly not there yet but I am trying as hard as I can to get to that place. This finish line is just up ahead and its worth racing to.

Mary Ann


  1. A lot of people need to read this post. They learn this lesson usually after something bad happens to them and i think that's sad. They spend their lives going for the brass ring and then when they get it they're miserable and have pockets full of money and success and not one ounce of happiness because they never stopped to enjoy and smell the roses so to speak. very good post!!

  2. I agree with Jen! Strangely enough, I need to enjoy my food. I'm so busy eating and doing something else at the same time that I forget I've eaten at all. That's how to put on weight. Thanks for your inspiration :)
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