Monday, April 21, 2014

Things That I Learned - Riturals And Rodent Robbery

Yesterday we celebrated Easter.   One of the big rituals of holiday is an Easter egg hunt.  Every year Nana, my grandchildrens other grandmother, painstakingly fills fifty plastic eggs with candy and money.   Usually she has it at her house but this year she gave the bag of surprise filled eggs to my son-in-law Trevor so he could hide them around their house instead.

After making sure that the kids were asleep Trevor crept outside and hid all fifty plus eggs in the yard and the woods directly behind their house.  After church, the next morning, it was time for the Easter egg fun.  Everyone ran outside, baskets in hand to collect the treats.  The kids looked behind trees, in flower pots, in bushes and not one egg could be found.  At first the kids were up for the challenge but after a short while they started to whine, "this is too hard".  What the kids did not know is that their father Trevor had no idea either where they were.  Every egg that he had placed in the yard was gone, disappeared.

He encouraged the kids to move onto the woods.  There had to be eggs there, right?  To the kids disappointment not one egg was found in the woods, only a trail of brightly colored chewed up plastic pieces.   Yikes!  Well, apparently  while the family was at church the squirrels had been hard at work chewing through plastic eggs, helping themselves to all the treats inside.  The only thing left behind was a few one dollar bills which were not as tasty a Skiddle.

So what I have learned is never hide plastic treat filled eggs where a nasty rodent might steal them.  Rodents just don't share.

Mary Ann


  1. Oh no! Well, it's terrible now but it will probably be a funny story once time has gone on a bit. :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption
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  2. And so, what did the kids think when they figured out their Easter treats had been stolen? It will be funny one day. It's amusing to us adults now but then, we had Easter treats.

  3. Any chance you could turn this into a children's story with illustrations of this squirrel who stole the foil wrapped Easter egg. The writer in me says, it would be fun to do Congratulations on this nice blog.