Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - B for Baseball

I would have to say I dislike sports in general.  I have never, ever been athletic in any way. When I was little my dad and sister would play catch and I often would beg to join them. To shut me up they would make me monkey in the middle (not sure if anyone even plays that anymore)  They would throw the ball back and forth and my goal was to try and steal the ball as it flew past me high in the air.  Well surprise, surprise, I never was able to steal and after awhile, to my sister and fathers delight I would get bored, walk away and find a doll to play with.

I met my husband many years later, and since I loved sports so much, NOT it was only fitting that he was, and still is obsessed with baseball.  I soon found out that the same man who could not remember to take out the trash or close down the toilet seat could recall a baseball play from years before.

As time went on I was dragged to a baseball game or sucked into watching it on TV.  I really tried to get into it but it was really not my thing.  When my son was born he was schooled early on  baseball players names and stats but did not seem overly interested. As he grew so did his interest in baseball. We as a family spent many years sitting for two to three nights a week all spring and sometimes into summer watching my son play. Although I still did not a enjoy the game I loved rooting for him and watching him enjoy himself. I also loved the social aspects of the games, the feeling of comradery with other parents cheering on the team.  In looking back those years were some of the most enjoyable, sitting out on a beautiful spring evening watching my husband help coach and my son run with full force trying to steal home plate.

My son is now an adult and has his own son.  My grandson will be playing baseball for the first time in a few weeks.  My son has volunteered to be the coach.  So even though I still do not love baseball or sports in general I will be sitting in the front row cheering on my grandson and welling up with pride at what a great dad my son has become.

What I have learned is that spending time with my family and watching them do things that they love makes the experience so much better.  I still do not like baseball but I love that my husband, son and now grandson have bonded over something that they all love and enjoy.

Goofy side of my son and grandson

Mary Ann


  1. What a revealing post about your patience and love for your family. It IS all about compromising our time to make time for shared time or their time. (Well there's a T post for you, right there!!). I love sports, but know many who are similar to you (including having been the monkey), and I can empathize. BUT I broke into a smile when you talked about your grandson's baseball. I love going to our 2 grandkids events - no matter they are - because I want to be part of their lives and, more importantly, because I am constantly punched by the bittersweet awareness of how fast their lives are changing and their worlds enlarging.

  2. I'm not big into sports, but I do enjoy baseball, especially rooting for the Rays, the hometown team. Theirs are usually the only games I watch or go to.

    Oh, and I remember Monkey in the Middle. :)

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  3. Again, you have brought tears to my eyes! I was, contrary to you, very athletic in school - I played basketball, volleyball and was a cheerleader for a local football team in high school. Even knowing this I can't sit through a baseball/football game in person or on TV. I too am married to a baseball fanatic like you and I'm wondering if everyone on Ken & Bob's block were avid baseball fans. I think way back then most kids were (or at least the boys)! Great story!

  4. I was a baseball mother. We had good times for many years when my son played. And I too enjoyed the social aspects of being with the other parents who we bonded with on bleachers and lawn chairs and are still friends with to this day.

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  5. Oh, I was the youngest and monkey in the middle often enough! We weren't a big sports family, and I have never learned to like baseball. Though one year at the family reunion my Mom and I paired up to be one player--she could hit, and I could run.
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