Thursday, April 3, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - C for Charitable

Very few of us are at the financial level of Donald Trump or Bill Gates who give millions each year to charities.  I for one have limited funds and could never contribute large sums of money to those in need, although it would be really great if I could.  So instead I try and give what I can by sponsoring someone walking or running for a charitable event or giving money to a friend in need.  Being charitable to others can be as simple as helping an elderly lady get something off the top shelf at a super market or extending a few quarters to the person at a parking meter next to you that just ran out of change.  Its just caring about others around you everyday.

Once in awhile a charitable situation comes your way and you are forced (OK wrong word) nudged into giving.  In the fall of 1981 my husband and two children moved to upstate NY.  By Feb I was so homesick and was missing my parents terribly.  I decided that during the winter break the kids and myself would take a visit to my parents on Long Island.  Since I was nervous to drive the 5 hours alone with the kids in downstate traffic, I decided that the bus would be a great alternative.  So on an extremely warm day in Feb my husband drove us to the Albany bus terminal so we could take the 5 hour journey to my parents. When we arrived the bus was not there yet so we sat down and placed our things next to us.  Because it was such a warm day I had laid my brand new mauve pink winter coat ( yes it was mauve, very popular in the 80's) in back of me on the chair.  They announced that our bus had arrived, we quickly grabbed our things, hugged and kissed my husband goodbye and boarded the bus.  As the bus was pulling out I realized too late that I had left my new mauve coat on the seat in the bus terminal.  Since those were days before cell phones there was no way to reach my husband until 5 hours later when we arrived in Long Island.

As soon as I could I called my husband and he promised that he would go back to the bus terminal first thing in the morning to look for my coat.  He assured me not to be concerned, that it probably was turned into lost and found and he would get my coat back for me.  The next morning at my parents the phone rang bright and early and sure enough it was my husband calling me from the bus station.  I found your coat he said.  OMG I was elated.  I am starring at it right now.  OK great, I said take it home.  Not that easy he said I am starring at a homeless man in the bus terminal and he is wearing your mauve pink coat.  WHAT!!!!!  oh no. He informed me that the security guard said that if he offered the homeless man a few dollars he would probably give me back my coat.  With my excitement of finding my coat now deflated, I declined, knowing for sure that the homeless man needed my coat way more then I did.

So the thing that I have learned is that being charitable comes in all shapes and sizes and sometime when we least expect it.  Hope he enjoyed my mauve pink coat.

Mary Ann


  1. It was sweet of you to let him keep your coat. Now I see what you mean by force. I grew up in Albany, NY. Small world.

    Nana Prah

  2. There's a lot to be learned by being charitable. Awesome theme for A to Z. I'm glad to have discovered your blog. :)

  3. A deed worth doing. Thanks for inspiring me.

  4. What a beautiful act of charity, this story gave me the chills.