Thursday, April 10, 2014

Things That I Have Learned - I for Ill Fitted

Some would say having a mother who was a great seamstress was an awesome thing but to me and my sister, not so much.   My mom loved to sew. Everything she made was a work of art. No stitch out of place or  hem crooked so the end result was a thing of beauty. The problem was that my mom liked to make everything big so it would fit us for years.

Dress lengths were always way below the knee, when the style was above the knee.  Jacket sleeves were way too long. So everything was ill fitting. If we complained she would get insulted that we were questioning her masterpiece.  I of course would keep my mouths shut but my sister was the rebel of the household and would never keep quiet.

We both knew my mother meant well but when they were new they were always big and usually by the next season they were too small, so her goal of getting tons of wear out it never seemed to work.

After my sister outgrew, my mother's creations, they were then handed down to me.  Everything was still looked new so I should have been thrilled  but my sister who was 3 years older then me was tall and thin and I was short and chunky. The results were a disaster. My mom took such enjoyment from creating things for my sister and I.  She went on to also make really cute outfits for my children when they were little.

What I have learned is that sometimes it's better to gracefully except the gifts from others even when it's not always what you really wanted.   I miss my mom and if she was alive today I would happily wear whatever she made for me.  Hmmm well maybe not happily.

Even Kim Kardashian wears ill fitted clothing or maybe its just bad taste.

Mary Ann


  1. "The problem was that my mom liked to make everything big so it would fit us for years." That made me smile. :)

    Growing up, I got a lot of hand-me-downs that I had to wait years to fit into and by then it was all out of style. haha

  2. My grandmother was quite like your mother loved to sew and had great intentions.... the only difference was that the things fit but the material was very colorful and very very very bright.(glow in the dark bright or curtain material)

  3. My mom made a lot of my clothes. They were smocked, embroidered, embellished, and quite beautiful. I was not grateful. I cried because my friends had store bought clothes and I wanted them too. If my mom were alive, I would thank her for the beautiful clothes she made for me. She had real talent and I was always beautifully dressed with what would now be considered designer clothes. Even my dolls were better dressed than those of my friends. Live and learn I guess.