Friday, January 25, 2013

Cate Mandigo Art Love Fest

I just saw online the artist Cate Mandigo will be in Glens Falls, NY showing some of her new work in a few weeks.  Cate is mostly a Northeast artist who does many paintings of places that are very familiar to the area where I live.  Even though lots of her painting are of upstate NY.  She has worked on a commission for the White House and was also commissioned by the Library of Congress as well as McDonald's and Citibank..

I am a huge fan and have collected over the years more the twenty of her prints.  I have gone to a number of her shows and for me, meeting her has been like meeting a movie star in person.  She is always so gracious and a large number of my prints are signed to me from her.

Since I have so many of them I like to hang them in groupings with some other prints and wall art that I enjoy.

Because I may be going to see her soon I went on line and saw some prints that I loved that I had not seen before.

This one is of Lake George, NY in the winter.

Her interpretation of winter in Albany, NY.

This is the a print of  Saratoga Rose a bed and breakfast in Luzerne,NY.   This one I bought for my daughter as a wedding gift since she was married there.

There are hundreds of others to see.  Cannot wait to see some of her new things at her show in Glens Falls.

I am going to share my blog today with Wendy Cheryl and Brenda. They always have so many great decorating idea's.


  1. Your living room looks lovely in that photo!

  2. I love here whimsical style! Your grouping looks great!

  3. Thanks so much Mary, I appreciate it.

  4. I am a huge fan as well! I moved to FL when I was 38 and miss the area. It was down in Florida I started collecting her prints. I have them all over my house, but I love your idea of the groupings! I am going to try that. I met her last year and I felt exactly the same as you- a movie star! I enjoyed reading this.