Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Busy Party Time Week

So for our family from Oct to the end of the year is celebration after celebration.

It all starts the beginning of Oct with my brother-in-laws birthday followed in a few days by my sisters birthday.  Last Sat we celebrated my grandsons birthday at a bounce party place.  Lots of crazy kids but they were all having a blast.

Jack waiting for the cake and present opening

Jack and his friends riding a train
This past weekend was Jack's sister Lily's birthday.  This one was at a local orchard in upstate NY.  It turned out to be a perfect fall day and one of the best kids parties that I have ever gone to.  

View of the Mohawk river from the orchard

Lily and her friends visiting the animals

Birthday doings inside
Yesterday was the finale of the party week and it was a trip to Build A Bear to use that birthday gift card.

Jack and Lily's picks
Well more birthday fun to come.  My other grandsons birthday is next week, my daughter is the end of November, Thanksgiving, other granddaughters birthday and then Christmas.  

Wow exhausting thinking about it but looking forward to spending more time with my favorite people.

Mary Ann


  1. So glad my sad face didn't get into your pictures!!
    Party time all the time woo hoo!!
    Maybe I should throw a party for my birthday...these kids are having too much fun. My theme will be be Russian, Time Traveling, Ninjas. I can't wait to get started!

  2. Whew........that's lots of parties, put your hat away so you can rest up a bit, lol.

    Traveling Suitcase

  3. That is a busy celebration season for you guys, I like the orchard idea. It looks really nice and the kids seemed to have fun. Well, who wouldn't if there is cake, presents and animals involved!