Monday, February 4, 2013

Decorating With Memories

Over the years I have collected things that friends and family have made or given to me and I love to incorporate them in my decor.

A pretty quilt that my daughter made me in my favorite bright colors of reds and blues and greens.  She has made me many quilts over time but this is the one that I love the most.

The white washed church my grandson picked out for me for my birthday.  At the time he was seven and my daughter said that once he saw it in the store he was sure it would be a winner.  I love it mostly because he picked it out.

I love these little mini dolls that my daughter made for me.  I love dolls of all shapes and sizes but these are so sweet I wish she would make tons more for me.

My son whose a web designer created this digital art for me.  Its a one of a kind and really captures his design style.

A pitcher and bowl that my mother made for me.  She is no longer with me so I enjoy thinking about her lovely painting on the glaze in ceramic class.  Priscilla, my cat kid seems to also enjoys it.

My roosters remind me how much my youngest grandson loves animals.  Whenever he would come to my house he would get so excited to see them.  We had a few occasions when he would grab them and run but they are none the worse for wear.  Priscilla must think she is part of the rooster grouping.

I love plates, my friends know that and when they find plates at estate sales they are kind enough to pick them up for me.  I really have quite a number of them at this point so I hung them in a hall that leads to my bedrooms. 

 I feel like having things around me that depict the warmth and kindness of friends and family truly make my house a home.

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  1. Lovely, once again, your house looks great!

  2. I love that post, so sweet. The quilt is really gorgeous, and hopefully if your daughter sees your comment about the dolls, lots more will show up at your house ;) Thanks for sharing with us at Brenda's Tweak it Tuesday.


  3. Thank you so much Mary. My daughter does spoil me with her handmade gifts.

  4. So many treasures of the heart! I love the quilt and the darling little dolls your daughter made for you!

    Visiting from Tweak it Tuesday.

    1. Thanks Vickie, They are treasures of the heart. Nice way of putting it.

  5. I love the little house on that pretty quilt. I can see your things are so treasured!

  6. What a beautiful way to display your treasures :)

  7. Thanks so much Lisa, I enjoy them all.

  8. What a great post! I love seeing things in people's decor that actually mean something. Love that white church that your grandson picked out and the little dolls, too. So cute! And I love how you hung the plates up high in the hallway.

  9. How country comfy and cozy. I like it. Great idea where you hung your plates.

    We just had granite counter tops installed.
    It sure is a big change.


  10. Lovely memories all around--thank you for sharing them! (And Priscilla is just adorable! I love black kitties!)

  11. Love everything.
    Just found your blog and am saving it to read through later.