Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just A Quiet Sunday

Lately I have felt like spring is just around the corner.  The weather seems to be milder and the days are a bit longer.  I know I am being premature in my thoughts that winter will soon be over because I live in the Northeast and we are often tricked into thinking about spring and then mother nature socks us a good one.

I have  been in a bit of a funk about my Etsy store.  I opened my shop in November of last year and I was surprised and happy to get a sale relatively quickly.  It was followed by seven more sales and I was on my way, or so I thought.  Things since then have been pretty slow and its hard not to feel sort of discouraged.  I have been trying to look for some trend of what was a good item to sell, to get people to my shop.  It looked like embroidery hoop art may be a way to go.  So I thought of a way to combine the embroidery hoop art with what I do which is paper art designs.  

Because I am a over buyer when it comes to crafts supplies, of course I start buying tons of hoops and fabric quarter pre-cut material.  Buying the fabric quarters gave me the option to get more fabric choices rather then going through all the bolts of material and having them cut one by one.  The selection was great and they were on sale at Joanne's.

As you can see I do have some over shopping issues.  I am always afraid that when my creativity kicks in I won't have the tools to create the image that I have in my mind.

I am always drawn to making girly things but this time I decided to make some hoop art for the boys. I am going with a robots theme and I have already made a large 10 inch hoop robot.

I used old clock parts and gears for his belly and embellished him with embossing power and a heat gun to give him more of a metal look.

I am now working on a trio of robots on  hoops of different sizes that can coordinate with the guy above or be hung on their own.

As I am always hoping for a sale I am really doing something that I love to do. It makes me happy, although I have to say a few sales would make me way more happy.

Mary Ann

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  1. love all that colorful fabric. Your stuff is beautiful...keep doing what you love!