Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Past

As I look at my window from my upstate NY home this morning and see the bleak sky,  I know that some bad weather may be coming our way.   Snow and ice are just part of living in the great Northeast.  In my older years I can't say that I love the cold and the bad weather but I am lucky enough, at this point in my life to be able to stay home, if the weather is bad.

When I was little and growing up in Queens we had very few big snow storms but when we did wow, they were doozies.   It would take days  for the plows to get to our street.  The snow would block cars in, no school and snowball fights in the two foot snow covered road, with no worries of cars coming down our city block. When the plow finally did come through, it would bring a collective moan from all the neighbor kids that the fun was over and it was back to school.

During the winter my dad would take us often into NYC to go ice skating at the Wollman Ring in Central Park.  I would feel so small skating beneath the tall skyscrapers of Manhattan.

Afterwards my dad who had been patiently waiting  for us to finish would  take my sister and I for a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate at a diner along the way home.

Although I have not been ice skating for over 20 years I was inspired to create this skating ornament that brought back sweet memories of gliding on the ice in Central Park.

Mary Ann

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