Friday, June 21, 2013

A Hole Lot Of Something, Hopefully Nothing

Sometimes a hole in things could be a good thing.  Like a doughnut hole. or a hole in one in golf, or getting the hole in the side pocket in billiards.  Hmmmm but a hole in the side of your house can never ever be a good thing.

My story starts one day not long ago when I found a small piece of my siding laying on my front lawn.  It had been really windy so I assumed it has blown off of my house.  I walked around circling a few times but could not see where it belonged anywhere.  So I put it to the side hoping that its rightful place would be found soon.  So last week I had a contractor come to give me some estimates on a few things I needed done.  I remembered the piece of siding and asked him if he could locate where it went.  With his eagle contractor eyes he located the place where it belonged way up in a corner of one of my dormers along with a perfectly round hole.  I immediately called an exterminator to try and determine the origin of the hole. Hoping that it was just a fluke.

Well after few seconds of dangling on the steep side of my house he determined that it was a hole could have been  made by a squirrel.  Whoo hoo actually it was more like Boo Hoo.  I hate woodland creatures,  I am a city girl.  I especially do not like woodland creatures that may or may not be living in my home, above my head.  I have to say I have never seen nor heard anything that would make me think that I had any issues except the hole.  Which I am told is a good thing.  Not the hole, but that I have heard nothing.

So he is coming back today to put on a swinging door on my house hole that will let the little critters out but not let them back in.  Hopefully there are no disabled, old or senile woodland creatures in the bunch who cannot find their way out of the house hole.  

Your cute but stay out of my house hole

Mary Ann

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