Sunday, March 31, 2013

A is for Avid

So I am new at blogging, so one would think I am nuts to tackle the A through Z blogger challenge but I went for it and here I am on the first day. Believe it or not I had issues with picking an A word.  It seemed simple but no word really came to me.  There were suggestions online to go with a theme but since I live a scattered life it would be hard for me to stick to one thing.  I may regret this decision as I move forward with this challenge but I will just learn as I go.  The word that seemed to pop into my head more then any other A word was Avid.  Hmmm so how can I incorporate that word in my blog?

Well I know that I am an avid reader.  I am a regular visitor to our local library and read at least a book a week.  I am absolutely sure I am an avid TV watcher. I hate to admit it but I love my TV shows, using my DVR to record  shows because at that particular time I am probably watching another show, sad but true. I know its a time sucker but I can't seem to stop myself.  I am also an avid crafter.  I enjoy making things from nothing and creating something unique.  I am way too often an avid worrier. Worrying about things that I am sure will never happen but I still think about them anyway.  I have gotten better as I have gotten older but I still struggle with it.

I would love to be an avid runner or walker.  A facebook friend posts her running activities everyday.  She does tons of marathons and seems to really enjoy it.  I often think about running or even walking but I think deep down I am just an avid sitter.

Every spring I dream about being an avid gardener.  I can picture the garden in my head, flowers of different colors, vegetables of every kind, ripe for the picking but as spring fades so do my thoughts about my garden, and I become an avid buyer of vegetables at our local stands.  I usually find time to plant some flowers early spring and I become an avid caretaker of them but then by August, I get tired of watering them so my poor sad flowers never make it all the way through the summer.

I am trying to be and avid blogger I guess that's why I decided to take this challenge.  Only time will tell.

WHOO HOO the first one is done only 25 more to go.  YIKES what will my B word be?  Come back tomorrow and see.

Mary Ann


  1. I'm exactly like you. I can imagine being an avid *insert hobby here*, but it never seems to exit my brain and settle in the real world!

  2. What a great start, I do think you will be an avid blogger! I so much recognize myself in dreaming about being an avid gardener... And my guess is that the B word is not "boring".

  3. oh this is a good start post, I see myself as avid eater and an avid painter, but I am more an avid getting injured person.

  4. I am an avid procrastinator!

  5. Hi Mary Ann, great first post! I look forward to reading the rest this month. Oy with the avid TV (project runway and elementary here.)

  6. I'm an avid gardener,cook.
    Great word btw!

  7. I am an avid "organizer"! Very detail-oriented. I love being able to find things immediately. Mary, I encourage you to start a garden - I started planted my vegetable garden last year and it was a great success. This will bring you much joy seeing things grow just like your crafing does! Great first blog!

  8. I'm an avid reader and and an avid procrastinator when it comes to writing.

    You've started a great club here!

    Adriana Dascalu at
    In Between

  9. Way cool you are an avid reader. Avid readers become better writers and go to do great things! lately I'm an avid blogger, but that takes away from my reading and's always something. Fun post!

  10. Participating in A to Z is a great way to get out there and meet people. I would encourage, if you haven't already done so, making commenting on other blogs a priority. If you can try to get a good number of posts prewritten, it helps.

    HA! I could take a shot of my own advice! I changed my theme on Saturday so now I'm scrambling to get things together!

    Great start on the challenge. Good luck with the rest, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Cheers :)