Friday, March 1, 2013

Looking Back On The Last 36 Wonderful Years

Today Friday is not only fun with Martha at Seaside Simplicity for Flashback Back Friday but its my son's 36th birthday.   So where did 36 years go?  

I remember like it was just yesterday holding him for the first time. It was instantaneous love at first sight. The first time I felt that surge of love was when my daughter was born 4 years before my son.  I have been lucky to feel it four more times with each of my grandchildren. Its looking into those newborn eyes and seeing all the great things in life that lay before them.  

My son was born two weeks early with Dr. Spock pointed ears and slightly jaundice skin but he was perfect to me.  He was such a happy baby, belly laughing at 3 months, laying in his playpen or crib for hours just entertaining himself.  As soon as you would look at him he would beam from ear to ear.   When he got older he would sit and hang out in his playpen, while his sister played on the floor next to him. When he dropped a toy out onto the floor he would climb out, get his toy and climb back into his playpen space.  

My ever smiling boy

His only baby flaw was that he hated to sleep.  He would be up for hours each night, just not a sleeper from day one.  Night or day.  Thankfully he was such a good happy boy otherwise, so it was hard to get mad at him.  Even in the middle of the night, I would be so tired, I would go into his room to check on him and  just one look at his smiling face would make me less tired.  His really bad sleeping habits went on for years and 36 years later I think he still is not a great sleeper.

So the last 36 years have flew by.  My son grew up to be an awesome son, student, husband and father.  He is a hard worker, providing for his family using his creative talents working as a Director of Electronic Media  and in addition has his own business where he designs websites. 

I am extremely proud of his accomplishments but what I am most proud of is that he is a really,really good person.

Not such a happy picture of him on his first birthday.

Happy Birthday Eric

Mary Ann


  1. Happy Birthday to your son Eric!


  3. What a touching tribute to your son. My son had a cute belly laugh too, but it all evolved around food. He burst into laughter at mealtime. Funny thing, he is pole-thin today. But with three young sons, an accounting job, a working wife, and dreams of his own online business (like yours:), he is constantly on the run.

  4. Awww, he really was a happy little guy! Happy Birthday Eric!! Thanks for playing along MaryAnn :)

  5. Happy Birthday Eric! What a cutie pie!

  6. Happy birthday to Eric and what a blessing for his mom!

  7. Happy belated birthday Eric. I'll bet he still likes to smile a lot!

  8. What a sweet, sweet remembrance, Mary Ann! I hope your son has a chance to read these words and they make his heart smile!

  9. What precious memories of your son. He's such a cutie pie.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday, Eric!

    Your description of your son as a youngster reminds me of my son at the same age! Rob was always smiling! He loved music and bopped along to any music he heard, even to TV shows! He also was happy in his infant seat watching me do my chores - as long as he could see me and I would talk to him he would laugh and rock in his seat! Great memories!