Friday, March 15, 2013

Reggie Jackson Worlds Best Cat

Growing up I did not like cats.  My sister would always gravitate toward them and I would always go the opposite way.  They kind of scared me.  I never knew what they were going to do and was uncomfortable with their unpredictable nature.

Well fast forward 25 years.  We had moved from Queens to upstate NY we were renting an apartment until we were able to buy a house in an area that we liked.  Within the first month we were visited by our first mouse.  He  came in through the wall of our living room and ran in front of us as we watched TV. This continued night after night, a new mouse or the same one would come in and run past us.  We set traps but they did nothing to prevent them from entering.  We contacted the apartment complex and they were not that interested in helping.  Fortunately  we were able to have animals at this apartment so we decided to visit a shelter to see if a cat just may do the trick and get rid of the mice.

As my husband and kids and I perused the line of cages filled with tons of homeless cats, one cat emerged through a crowd of 10 cats. He stuck his paw out of the cage as if to say pick me, pick me.  It seemed like fate and Reggie Jackson became my first cat kid.  Getting Reggie did the trick and we no longer had a mouse parade each night.  Well that was back in 1983 and Reggie is no longer with us. He past away many years ago.  Other cats have come and gone in our lives  but none could replace our special first cat Reggie Jackson.  I still miss him.

Reggie looked like a tough guy on the exterior but one holiday my daughter had gotten a stuffed animal that was wearing a red wool hat.  On a whim we put in on Reggie.  As you can see by this picture he loved it.  He would sit for the longest time rocking his red wool hat.

Grateful for all my cat kids.  Joining A La Carte for gratitude Sunday.

Mary Ann

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