Friday, May 10, 2013

Another Embarrassing Story

I have had many embarrassing moments over the years some of which I have blogged about before.  Baby Ruth,  Popcorn and Clowns  and Embarrassing High School Moment.  So for the purposes of this daily May challenge I will dredge up another embarrassing moment.  I will probably need some psychiatric intervention after spilling another of my moments that I would rather not remember.

OK so I am rather largely endowed in the breast area.  I know people are trying to go larger with implants  but if the Boop Fairy was passing through town my wish would be smaller.  Its always a struggle for me to buy bra's because they just do not fit right.  I was in a department store on a very busy Saturday, on a quest for the perfect bra to corral in my girls.  I tried on a number of them and finally settled for one that I thought would work OK.  I got on a long line to be checked out.  I was surrounded by small petite people holding bra's that would easily fit into one of my bra cups.  They were all sexy and lacy and in pretty colors.  Mine was stark white and almost a turtleneck.  So I clutched my bra tightly to me so no one would guess how big it was.  After feeling like an hour had gone by it was finally my turn to check out.  I placed my bra on the counter, standing in front of it to hide its size and before I knew it the cashier was holding it up high in the air for the world to see yelling at the top of her lungs PRICE CHECK!!!!!!!!  I just wanted to crawl into a hole but my boobs would probably not fit.  YIKES.  

Glad to pay and get the heck out of there.  The worst is that I hated the bra and never wore it.  It went to the bra cemetery where all my other big bra's that don't fit go to die.

Sad But True
Mary Ann


  1. That made me laugh. I'd be the one in line who doesn't need a bra wondering why you couldn't share and make us both happier, lol.

  2. LOL! I hate it when they do that. Once when a cashier did that to me with a pair of shapewear, I actually said to her "Would you PLEASE stop waving those around like you're surrendering! If I wanted people to look at my underwear I'd flash them!"