Saturday, May 4, 2013

Favorite Quote And Why I Love It

Quotes that come to mind:

May the force be with you -  Its from the ever popular Star War series  which I have to say are some of my favorite movies.

The tribe has spoken - I am a huge Survivor fan.  I have been watching it now for the 25 seasons that its been on.  How sick and sad is that?  Its the same darn thing every time but I love it. When Jeff Propst says these final words its always at the end of a very enjoyable hour.

Take this job and shove it -  I think this is more of a song then a quote.  How many times over the years did I want to scream this one out loud.

Nobody puts baby in the corner -  Well you can tell how shallow I am from my favorite quotes.  I hate to admit it but I must have seen Dirty Dancing at least 20 times. YIKES,  really freaky to say that out loud.

Hmmm not sure how long I am going to hold on to this month long May challenge. I am really not feeling it, so I am going to take one day at a time.

I may be back tomorrow.

Mary Ann


  1. i am sure you can take a few days off and roll it all in one post, if you don't feel it you don feel it. No one puts you in a corner!

  2. I know what your mean about feeling it...perhaps too close on the feet of atoz. I will do those I feel like doing from here on in. Its all about fun not obligation. Have a good weekend without too many obligations.

  3. Not to be a total nerd, but today's May the 4th. Soooo "may the fourth" be with you!

  4. Loved Dirty Dancing also. Not sure how many times I watched it, but multiple times for sure. Not sure how I feel about the May challenge, but playing through for the minute. I dislike that you have to link up over and over, and am not a fan of prompts in general, and looking over the list; these aren't exactly fun prompts. But, then I might just have a bad attitude, lol.

  5. right with you on the third one lol

  6. I've never seen Survior, and it has been years since I watched Dirty Dancing. But I have a lot of love for Star Wars, and I'm glad you posted that quote on May the fourth. Kara isn't the only nerd leaving a comment today :-)

  7. Hi MaryAnn, I found your blog finally. I love Star Wars and dirty dancing, both great films and good choices for quotes. Why didn't I think of that? Hope you will stick with the challenge :)