Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Today I need to list ten things that make me happy.  Hmmmm well I know for sure that my kids and grandkids make me happy.  If I listed those individually that would be a quick eight but that seems way too easy.  So here goes.

Family - There are so many ups and downs along the way with families but when all is said and done the most happiness in my life comes from them.

Friends - Talking, laughing and visiting with friends.

Pets - I have had lots of pets in my life, dogs and cats and they never fail to give me unconditional love.

Home - My home to me is my haven and sanctuary.

Reality TV - OK this is showing my shallow side.  I love to watch competition  type reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race among many others.  I love TV in general it totally makes me happy.

Sunny bright days with a warm breeze - Nothing like the sun to make me smile and breath easy.

Food - Love, love, love food.  So I sound a bit food addicted but I am.  I love food.  Give me a bowl of pasta and a cupcake and I happy.  Sad but true.

Mowed grass -Watching the guys I hire to mow my grass.  Its makes me happy that I don't have to do it.

Creating something new- When I think of a design and turns out just like I envisioned it. Celebration time.

A babies smile - Not much needs to be say about this.  A babies smile makes everyone happy.

Mary Ann


  1. love the smell of freshly cut grass!

  2. I'm with you on everything except reality tv! I've just never gotten into that. I like crime/drama shows, I know they're terrible but :) what can I say!

  3. We have a few things in common...definitely not reality tv though, lol. Mary Ann instead of using your google+ page and leaving the url of your blog as a cut and paste which isn't clickable in the comment section; use the name and url option in the drop down box. Sooooooooo much easier at your end and mine. All you do is type your name and do the cut and paste of your url which brings me right to your blog instead of your profile page...and or do the hyperlink, but the name and url options like the one you have here that I normally use...much better. If I don't use the it here, you'll go to my google profile dashboard and have to sort through which blog to go to, similar to your google+ page. Not using name and url this time round so you can see what I mean. Thanks