Monday, May 6, 2013

Combining Blog Challenges Is Challenging

Doing some blogging juggling today.  Trying to combine the May bog everyday challenge on Story of My Life with the Mothers Day challenge on Exploring Cricut.

So here goes.

For the Story of my Life May challenge the question of the day is
If you couldn't answer with your job, How would you answer the question, 'what do you do?

When I am not cleaning up after my elderly sick cats, I love love love to just make stuff.  A few years ago my son and his wife gave me a Cricut die cut machine for Christmas which I had been lusting over for months. That began my addiction to scrapbook paper.  Since I am not a scrapbooker or card maker I decided to forge my own use for my beautiful shiny new Cricut machine.  So I just started making stuff.  OK so here is where the Exploring Cricut challenge come in.

Create a card, layout, or papercraft for Mothers Day.

Since cards and layouts is not in my wheelhouse I am showing some necklaces that I make out of paper using my Cricut.

Screams MOM

I used the Paper Lace and Plantin Schoolhouse cartridges to create the back ground and the letters.  I cut a number of the same image and Mod Podge them together for strength.  I glued an acrylic shape to each, first lining them with a coordinating card stock. I added Mom and embellished them with some Swarovski crystal bling, finishing them with silver bails and chains.

Just a little bling for Mom

On this one I used the same process as above but layered different images and added some bling and beads.

Moms are in our hearts

This one is done with the same process.  This time I cut my heart images from the Plantin Schoolhouse cartridge in half layering them to create some depth for my patchwork hearts. Added some Swarovski crystals, a bail and a chain.

So I think I accomplished my goal on this one.  Two blogs for the price on one.

Mary Ann


  1. I'm gonna add you to my blog log Mary Ann, to make visiting back and forth easier. Love the blue necklace with beads, and think you did a great job combining the two challenges in one blog post!

  2. I also meant to say it might be a good idea for you to link your actual blog to the linky instead of your google+. Many folks pass those by completely because so many have settings that make it not possible to get to them without joining. Which brings to the question, how did you do your settings? There are several bloggers in that boat but don't know how to fix it so people can get to their blogs without joining google+, somehow after the a-z setting got switched, and they don't know how to fix them.

    What I see when I follow your link from your name on my comments, and or the linky is not your blog, but your google+ forum. So then I look for your blog there, click a 2nd time to get here. What happens in some cases is when someone clicks on the blog from the google+ page they get a registration type page and can't go further without joining, plus in other cases you get to the blog but when you try to leave a comment you get the registration page and are therefore not able to leave a comment. Bring people directly here saves time from the additional clicks.

  3. Such a clever idea, great job on those necklaces! Thanks for playing along with us at Exploring Cricut!

  4. how beautiful are those....I think I have a paper addiction. Is there such a thing?

  5. WOW! These are fabulous!!! Thank you so very much for joining our 'Mother's Day' challenge at Exploring Cricut!!!! :)

  6. Fabulous idea and great project. Thanks for joining us at Exploring Cricut.

  7. love the bling!!! they are amazing, super jelaous of your ability to make bling -ing stuff

  8. I never would have realized that the pendants were made of paper. Great job.
    Thanks for bringing your art to Exploring Cricut.
    Rae Ann O.

  9. Wow, would never have guessed these were made of paper! What a cool and unique project! Thanks for sharing with us at Exploring Cricut this week!

  10. These are fabulous Mary Ann, thank you for sharing with us!indeed combining challenges is a challenge on its own ;). Thank you for playing along on this week's challenge at Exploring Cricut, I hope you come back to play again.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Wow, those are beautiful! There are two coincidences. I also combined two challenges in one today, but for two completely different challenges. But one of the challenges had the exact same prompt as your story of my life prompt today, although it was for a different day! :)

  12. I was a dork when I commented before. I thought I was commenting on today's post (as in the day I am writing this comment). I also combined two in one day, but for today's post. And now I see we are both doing the May challenge! :)

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