Thursday, May 2, 2013

OK I Must Be Nuts

So after being relieved for a full 24 hours that the A to Z blog was over, I decided to do another month long blog.  This one seemed more casual  and specifies what to write about each day so I thought what the heck.
It started yesterday but I thought I could just catch up.

OK so here goes.
Day 1

The story of your life in 250 words or less

Hmmm where to start.  I was brought up in Middle Village, Queens, NY thousands of years ago.  Sounds like I may be a vampire, of course I have exaggerated my age a bit.  I have an older sister who did not not like me much when we were young.  A bit jealous of my flowing blond locks.(She had mousy brown hair) so of course she would be jealous HA HA.   I think she likes me more now.  

I married really young at 18, what an idiot, since I am still married to the same person.  Yikes what was I thinking?  I have two children, a daughter and son who are both married and have two children each.  

We moved from Queens to upstate New York over 25 years ago where I have worked in the health care field
as a computer analyst/trainer/writer/and manager.  My husband retired a few years ago and not long after was  diagnosed with Parkinson disease.  I thought it was time for me to stay home with him (again what was I thinking) and quit my stressful job.  So now I spend my days blogging, designing and creating crafty things, visiting as much time as I can with my grandchildren and hanging with my husband. 

House  where I grew up in Queens, NY

This is the street where I lived in Queens. Seemed much bigger when I was little
Day 2

Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at.

Honestly I am not sure I know alot about anything.  I think for me I know a little about alot. Well maybe I don't even know a little about alot, its probably more like I  don't know much about anything but I have been successful at it for a long time so I guess its working for me.

I would hope I am a good mother at least I have tried to be.  I hope I am a good and caring friend to people.   As I have stated in early blogs I am really good at watching TV and eating. 
I am also really good at yelling. 

Well I guess that enough to start.  Hopefully I can keep this up.  We will see how it goes.

Until tomorrow maybe,

Mary Ann



  1. we are suckers! i loved that you rolled both days into one! Really liked this post :)

  2. Like the getting to know you part of this post, especially as I'm a NY-er by birth as well.

    I think you're wonderfully good at commitments. I am in awe that you are still blogging away day 32 days is it?

    Write on!
    I'm taking a break! My laptop's in for repairs so I'm stealing some time on hubby's desktop to get some comments in.

  3. Crafters unite. Your stuff is so pretty. I've never been to NY but it seems like an interesting place.

  4. Woo how another person doing the may challenge! Being good at yelling is pretty awesome :)