Friday, May 3, 2013

Ta Ta's And Tupperware, An Uncomfortable Situation

A few months ago a friend asked me to come to a Pamper Chef's party.  For those who have never heard of one.  Its a home party similar to a Tupperware party but the difference is that the person who sells Pamper Chef' prepares food using Pampered Chef recipes and equipment.  You stand or sit around usually with a drink and watch her do her thing. You then eat the food and buy the products.

Last minute my friend called and ask if I could pick up her sister-in-law, Carrie who lived not far from me.  I was totally fine with that.  I had met her sister-in-law before and she always seemed sweet and extremely quiet and shy. On the 30 minute drive to the party we had a conversation  about our aging parents.  The time went  by quickly, we got to the party and we were offered drinks by the hostess. I took my usual diet soda,  Carrie went for the wine, which she immediately sucked down and went for another. Within a short period of time she was totally and completely drunk.  During the cooking demo she was heckling the cook, telling extremely inappropriate stories and laughing at things that were not even funny.  Some people at the party  were trying to ignore her but others thought she was a riot.  I of course knew I had to drive her home and was not that amused.

The party finally ended, many of us buying things that we never wanted or needed.  I helped Carrie to my car hoping upon hope that she would not get sick on the way. Our ride home started out like a bad scene from the movie Groundhog Day.

Carrie - So is your dad still alive
Me - Yes (we had discussed this on the way to the party)
Carrie - How old is he
Me - 96
Carrie- That's really great
then silence

Carrie - So is your dad still living.
Me - Yes (are you kidding me)
Carrie - and how old is he
Me - still 96
Carrie-  That's great

Carrie - So are your parent still living
Me - Only my dad  (not again)
Carrie - and how old is he
Me - 96 (calgon take me away)
Carrie-  Wow that's great.

This conversation was repeated about 4 more times until Carrie decided she was hot and wouldn't it be fun to flash her rather large ta ta's at other cars and people walking on the street.

OMG, talk about feeling uncomfortable.  I found myself driving faster hoping that I would  not meet up with the police.  Happily we arrived at her home and her husband rushed out to escort her inside and I was on my way.  

So the morale of my story is, never drive shy, quiet, large breasted women to cooking demo's EVER.
Words to live by, that's for sure.

Mary Ann


  1. omg that was one cringworthy drive home! I will make this one of my mottos...we need to warn others.

  2. You could have had fun and changed your response each time she asked. It would have been a good time to exercise your creative skills. The ta-ta's, only funny in retrospect.

  3. hahaha What a funny story! At least funny since I'm reading it and not living it... Did you talk to her afterwards? And I can't believe she started flashing people!!

  4. Oh what a nitmare! I was at a conference once where the group leader kept repetatively asking the same question like on your drive home. He wasnt drunk ...he was having a stroke. He was okay but had to call an ambulance...

  5. I must say, it sounds livelier than any pampered chef party I've ever attended! I would have been tempted to leave her by the side of the road. I'm sure her husband was thrilled!

  6. h aha ha ha ha h...
    some more h aha ha

    I cant stop laughing!
    oh btw, is your dad still alive?? LOL

  7. OMG, that sounds so unfortunately like someone near and dear to me...glad she didn't puke in your car...

    Tina @ Life is Good