Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Words To Live By

So as I sit with my coffee and morn the loss of Sean Lowe (The Bachelor) from Dancing With The Stars. (honestly just kidding I could care less)  I am contemplating what advice that I would give to others.

An obvious one that comes to mind is "never pet a strange cat in a pet store that looks friendly".  Ouch!  found that one out the hard way. 

If I had to choose one grand prize advice giver it would be.  Never, ever stop talking to the people in your life that you love because you are not in agreement with their choices.   

This is huge.  I see so many people that I have known over the years, not be in contact with their child or parents or friend because they just did not like something that was said or done.  Life is way too short. We all need to forgive and forget (more advice) and move on to the things that are really important.  

Mary Ann


  1. That is so true. Never lose contact with people dear to you, even if you don't agree with them. Life's too short to live it without them.


  2. so so true, both of your advices! It is sad how some parents don't talk to there kids or friends stop talking just because of a thing that has been said or done...

  3. True and good advice. My MIL had a friend for YEARS and then some, they disagreed once when the friend told her she needed to us (hubby and I who were newly weds), have our own life. They never spoke again. We continued to visit her..the friend and always hoped one of them would come to their senses. Sadly they didn't. MIL died and the chance was lost. Very sad.

  4. That's good advice. The only reason to cut people out is if they're emotional vampires. Then it's a case of psychological self preservation.

  5. all words to live by. Even the cat ones. I was bitten by a cat and later found out it was on rabies watch...a series of injections later...