Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 16 or A Look At Modern Day Fashion

Going out shopping this close to Christmas is both a joy and a curse.  Its fun to participate in all the sales, so many great bargains out there. The curse is dealing with all the crazies.  Pajama's are always a great draw for people this time of the year.  Around every corner of practically every aisle in every clothing store are stacks of PJ's.  I get it.  They are cute, comfy and relatively inexpensive all great reasons to put them on at the end of a day and snuggle up cozy, in bed. 

So when did the PJ's of bedtime become daytime appropriate garb.  Everywhere I go I see people walking around  in their pajama's.  There is no place that I have not seen them.  I saw two ladies in PJ's waiting for a bus the other day.  I have seen them pumping gas, doing grocery shopping, in the mall with their families.  When I see them my first thought is, did they put them on fresh that morning or did they sleep in them all night and then get up and  leave the house in them and then do they sleep in them again that night?  YUCK, I just don't get it.   My favorite PJ sighting, I was outside one of my local convenient stores.  I was waiting for my husband who had run in to get some milk.  This PJ Princess emerged from her car. She was a head to toe vision of fleece.  She had on a pink fleece nightgown with a white snowmen pattern, topping off a pair of blue fleece pants with Santa's and HO HO HO's.  The outfit was completed with fleece trimmed flip, flops and a green fleece head band.  As I watched her walk past my car she glanced in the window of the store, stopped and started fussing with her makeup and hair.  WHAT!!!!!!! was she not noticing how the rest of her looked.

Oh well it could be just me, so when you are out and about, look for a PJ sighting, it won't take long.

My orament today is Christmas stocking, the one thing she was not wearing in fleece.

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  1. They ARE everywhere... I wonder if they get changed into a pair of jeans, sweater, etc. and go to bed?