Friday, December 7, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 7 or Oh Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree Wherefore Art Thou?

I woke up having some Christmas stress today.  My phony bologna tree from the last five years lights, bit the dust this year so I stupidly chucked it.  If I would have realized what was out there I should have kept the tree and stuck some lights on it. 

So the choices that I found are:

Pre-Lit Tree - $250 to $500  - Because I am cheap through and through I just cannot spend that kind of money on something that I use one month each year.  The higher end is almost the price of a couch.  YIKES

Tree with no Pre-Lit under $250- Because I am lazy I pass those right by.  I have spent way too many years untangling lights before and after Christmas to want to deal with it.

Super Cheap Tree Pre-Lit  $50- $75  I am so interested in these.  They meet both my lazy side as well as my cheap side but because I waited way too long there are none of these left. 

Pre-Lit Tree - $100 - $200 -  This is the one that I ended up settling for.  It was $140 on sale which was OK.  The only issue is, I HATE IT.  Its too tall 7 1/2 feet which would not be so bad except, it's one of those skinny trees, so its really wobbly.  The pre-lit lights are kind of attached in clumps so its looks like I put them on myself.  I have stared at the tree undecorated for 2 days hoping that at some point I would fall in love and at times, I feel myself warming up to it. I really want to give the tree a chance, but then one of my cats brush up against it and it starts to wobble.  I break up with it all over again.  Its time to end this sad sick tree relationship and move on. 

I am on a quest today to find a better pre-lit tree.  We will see how it goes. 

Today I have attached the tags that I make.  Both sets have tree tags, keeping with my tree theme for the day.


  1. Good luck on your quest to find a nice looking, pre-lit, reasonably priced tree. I hope you'll let us know the outcome of your search. Such pretty gift tags, I am happy that I purchased some from you and can't wait to put them on gifts this year.

  2. I hope some of those tags end up on my presents this year!!!