Monday, December 3, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 3 or Where Oh Where Has My Little Cat Gone

Since my kids are grown I live with my husband Ken and our three indoor cats Priscilla, Pearl,and Kitty.   During our married life we have had a number of cat kids.  First there was Reggie and Jake, then Ollie and Al and for a time my daughters crazy cat Elizabeth Rose.  Except for Priscilla, Pearl and Kitty they have all gone to the great kitty litter box in the sky. 

One day years ago during a snowstorm when I went out to warm up my car Ollie got out of the house. My husband found him sitting huddled and shaking in one of our window wells probably hours after he made his escape.  That fateful day has forever changed our lives, because now Ken obsessively looks for the cats constantly. YIKES!!!!!!

Before he retired it was not too bad but now that he is home it has gotten much worse.  I walks into a room and find him on his knees with a flashlight looking under the bed  or as he enters a room he uses his eyes as a Feline Finder darting back and forth trying to locate a cat like a human GPS.  The best part is, that when I catch his bizarre behavior he never admits that he is looking for them.  He makes up the most crazy story known to man why he just happens be laying on his stomach with a flashlight looking under a bed.

Just last night, well actually during the night,  I was woken to his feet shuffling back and forth on the rug.  I can tell that its not his usual shuffle straight to the bathroom but its more like a shuffle then a stop and then a longer shuffle and then a stop.  I lay there thinking he will stop and I can go back to sleep but it continues.  It dawns on me what he is doing and I lose it.  I yell out YOUR LOOKING FOR THE STINKING CATS AGAIN?  No he says (and this is where one of his crazy excuses comes in) there is a light from the house in back that is keeping me up.  WHAT!!!!!  The house is over 1000 feet away from us and when your laying in bed there is no way you could ever see any light even if the light happened to be on, which is was not.  WOW has he now developed super powers that he can see through walls and envision lights shining that do not even exists?  If that's the case I wish he would use his super power skills to know where the cats are 24/7 and put us all out of our misery.  When I called him on it he gave a little chuckle and came back to bed.  At that point all three cats were up and as I heard Ken snoring, Priscilla was walking over my head for the 10th time.

Crazy, insane, mental health visit needed you are thinking, not me, I call it LIFE WITH KEN.

OK so since this story has nothing to do with ornaments I am sharing an ornament that I made a long time ago of my first cat Reggie who loved wearing his knitted Christmas hat, strange but true. 

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  1. Now that there is photoshop, people will think you photoshopped that hat on, but I can attest that, that is a real picture of a real cat wearing a small knitted hat--no tricks!!!