Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 5 or Tis The Season Of The Grouch

I honestly do most of my Christmas shopping online.  Its quick, its easy and the best part is that I don't have to deal with those nasty, cranky people spreading their Christmas grouch.. 

My Top 4 Christmas Grouches of the Season

#4. Man-i-ac Grouch.- This is a guy who only shops once a year.  If he is in back of you, he is mumbling, shifting, and complaining constantly.  Its obvious that he is annoyed that he is there even though  he probably only buys presents one stinking day a year.  If he is in front of you the sales person usually has to walk him through the process of paying.  What cave was he under for the past 12 months.

#3. Kid Overkill Grouch - I honestly cannot blame this shopper for being grouchy.  She comes shopping with at least 4 kids hanging off her cart.  Every few feet one of them falls off, usually followed by lots of crying.  In the beginning she is patient and talks to them in a controlled sing song voice.  By the time she gets to the check out her voice has become a booming sound system that could cause an avalanche on Mt Kilimanjaro. 

#2. Senior Grouch - OK so I really hate to make any disparaging comments about the elderly since I am  few steps away from being one myself  but if you get one of them in back of you on line, its usually an all out complainfest.  They start out pleasant enough.  They smile maybe make a comment about the weather and then they suck you into there evil grouch web.  They complain about everything from the checkout person to the youth of america to the state of Medicare. 

 #1 pick for Grouch of the season is:

The TMI Grouch -  So your on line at the checkout.  The clerk says "How are you today?  Did you find everything that you needed" and I say "Fine thanks and how are you?"   Just asking how are you opens the flood gates to their whole entire life.  They are really tired ,  they were up all night,  they have been sick with a stomach flu for weeks, they have not had a day off lately, they hate their job, they need to hire more people.  YIKES its goes on and on and on.  At some point I am put into a trace and the next thing I hear is my car engine running, having no idea how I even got out of the building.

For me I am just staying home.

Since shopping seems to be my theme today my countdown ornament is a gift.


  1. That ornament is super pretty. Love the colors. My favorite grouch is the check out people who comment on everything you buy and go on and on about how much you are spending. Just bag my stuff please!!! :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs and look forward to what tomorrow will bring. I also love your ornaments. You are very talented.