Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 18 or Good Friends Are Hard To Find

My husband Ken grew up in Woodside, Queens, NY and one of his best friends was Bob.  They went to the same  grammar school, high school and even college.  Ken met me and Bob met Valery and we had tons of double dating fun. We were even in each others wedding parties,but along the way life happens and our friendship drifted apart for over 20 years.  Aside from a Christmas card we had very little contact with them for all that time.  We reconnected with them a few years ago and have been making some new memories and its like we had not been apart for all those years.  They are truly good, kind people who have been extremely generous to Ken and myself.  So because it was the holiday season and I have been dedicating my time to ornaments, I thought I would make some special ornaments for our special friends Bob and Valery.

Bob and Valery love to travel so to give them some reminders of their travels each year at Christmas I made them some ornaments representing some places that they have been.

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