Friday, December 21, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 21 or Stop Making Ornaments And Start Cleaning

Christmas is a few short days away and I, like everyone else, have tons of things to do but I seem to spend more time sitting with my Cricut making ornaments and way less time cleaning, cooking and getting ready for the big day.  I tell myself I need to stop making ornaments and get busy getting ready for Christmas but I cannot seem to stop myself.  I will be dusting or washing the floor and my mind wonders to my happy place, sitting in my craft room creating, cutting and gluing.  I  way to often abandon my household chore and make my way up to my sanctuary to create just one more ornament.

Since my blond snow child ornament seemed to represent my daughter and grand daughter I decided to make one to represent my daughter-in-law and my other grand daughter.  I have already thought of others to represent my grandsons.  Wow, see I really can't stop.  I guess no cleaning for me today. 

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