Monday, December 10, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 10 or Making My Cheap Tree Look Not So Cheap

I finally got my tree debacle figured out and my tree stress is gone.  I found a really, really cheap pre-lit tree at Walmart for $39.98.  Can you believe it?  I went from $140 to $39.98.  Aside from it being $100 dollars less it is a much better tree.   Its 6.5 feet, a foot shorter then the previous one but it seems all around so much smaller, which was fine with me.  It certainly is not a lush tree (again it was only $39.98) but to me it looks kind of rustic so the ribbon I have used in past years did not seem to fit on my cheap rustic tree.  So when I was in Walmart I purchased four rolls of red and white polka dot 2 inch ribbon to wrap around the tree to give it a more country/cottage Christmas look.

My Christmas tree topper also did not fit so I decided to make one to carry through my country/cottage rustic theme.

Step 1
Cut out three 8 inch stars and three 9 inch stars.  I used my Cricut machine but they can also be done by creating star templates and just trace them 3 times for each size.

I chose to do the 9 inch stars in yellow and used a turquoise for the 8 inch star.

Step 2
Using Mod Podge I glued the three 9 inch stars together and then did the same with the three 8 inch stars.  Be careful when you layer each star that you line them up perfectly with the star below it. 

Step 3
Let each completed star dry for a few hours.  It will become hard.  Now you will need to glue the turquoise 8 inch star to the yellow 9 inch star again using Mod Podge.

I give it another coat of Mod Podge and let it sit over night to dry.
Step 4
Now its time to embellish the star. Because I wanted a country/cottage rustic look I glued on some yellow left over lace that I had and some different size buttons. 

Step 5
I glued some ribbon to the back so I could tie it to the top of the tree. 

If you want to see the star from the front and back of the tree you could duplicate the process making an additional set of stars and then connect the ribbon to both stars, slipping it over the top of the tree instead of tying it on like I did.

My now, not so cheap looking tree has a festive star to make it complete.

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  1. Do you ever run out of ideas? I am so amazed at the magnitude of your imagination!

    Pursurverance is the name of the game when it comes to shopping for something you want - good job on the tree hunt!