Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ornament Countdown Day 12 and 13 or A Not So Great Christmas Memory

YIKES missed blogging yesterday.  Been really under the weather.  Not the best time of the year to get sick.  I remember a Christmas when I was 5 or 6, our family's Christmas present were tickets to Radio City to see the Christmas show.  The tickets were for Christmas day which made it an even better gift.  I woke up Christmas morning so sick.  High fever, sore throat, listless but I still wanted to go.  Of course my mother said no.  Since the tickets were already paid for, my Dad took my sister and asked a neighbor across the street and his daughter Judy to go.  I was so sad, and the worst was I really hated Judy so the fact that she was taking my place was even worse.  I was miserable the whole time they were gone and I really hoped that the show sucked but they all came home all excited about how great it was. 

Oh well thats life I guess. 

So my ornaments today have really nothing to do with my story.


  1. Love that story!!

  2. These ornaments are gorgeous! Everything you make is gorgeous!
    Do you have any of them hanging on your new tree?