Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fig Newtons

For my F word  Fig Newton kept popping into my head so why not, I went with it.

The Fig Newton was invented in 1891 and have been Nabisco's third best selling product with sales of more then a billion bars a year. .WOW!!!!  Since their invention there have been many additions to the product line besides the popular fig variety, including strawberry, raspberry and mixed fruit.  The newest Newton products are the Newton Fruit Crisp and Newton Thins.  There is even a National Fig Newton Day on Jan. 16.  WHO KNEW!!!!!!!

So who the heck is eating all those Fig Newtons.  I can honestly say that I have not bought a Fig Newton since hmmm......NEVER.   I think back at all my millions of grocery trips and I can't even remember seeing one box of Fig Newtons in anybody's cart.  I see plenty of Chips Ahoy's, Oreo's, and even a few Lorna Doone's but never one Fig Newton in sight.
I think my dislike of a Fig Newton began back in my childhood.  My mom loved to bake so she rarely bought any boxed cookies except for Fig Newtons. When she had no time to make us her delectable chocolate chip or melt in your mouth butter cookies we were offered a Fig Newton.  What a let down.  It was either a Fig Newton or nothing.

OK so it must be the a nutritional value of a Fig Newton that draw people in.

Two Fig Newtons serving size is 110 calories, dietary fiber of 1.0 and fat of 2.0.

Three Chips Ahoys serving size is 160 calories, dietary fiber of 0.7 and fat of 8.0.

Per serving Chips Ahoy is higher but your getting one more cookie.

If you break it down to eating only two, better tasting, Chips Ahoy's its only 106 calories and fat content is under 5.0.  Even with the additional fat content, hands down I would always pick a Chips Ahoy over a Fig Newton.

Bye By Hydrox

So when cookies such as the Hydrox (like an Oreo) and Marshmallo Sandwich cookies (Mallows) have gone to the big cookie heaven in the sky, the Fig Newtons remain a favorite, to whom I do not know.

 Any Fig Newton lovers out there?
Mary Ann


  1. I don't think I've ever had a Fig Newton, but I have to say they don't really sound that appetising.

  2. I don't like fig newtons, I like to have some chocolate in or on my cookies!

  3. I used to like them until someone told me that there are a lot of bugs in figs and they most likely get mashed into the Newtons. I don't even know if this is true or not, but it made me never want to eat one again!!

  4. I have to admit that I am a Fig Newton lover and purchaser. I don't buy them often, because I don't buy cookies often, but when I do, Fig Newtons are one my top choices. I have also passed my love of Fig Newtons on to my children. They are the next generation of Fig Newton purchasers.

  5. This made me giggle because my mother had a similar practice. I could eat one in a tight, but not if there was anything else around that I really wanted. I liked the inside of the cookie, but usually found the outside a bit too dry. Looking at your research, it's obvious that someone really likes those things! Great post. Looking forward to more!

  6. I think I tried a Fig Newton once. Hated it. Too sweet for my liking.

  7. Yes, I must admit I love this cookie (fig only), but I avoid cookies in general because of the calories.

  8. I come from a long line of Fig Newton followers and we are proud to be a Fig Newton family.

  9. My mom was a fruit mom. Not a big cookie lover; however I wouldn't turn one down if you're offering!

  10. I love fig newtons! I don't buy cookies very often, but when I do it's between an Oatmeal, Lorna Doone or Fig Newton. The funny thing is I don't particularly like figs by themselves, but I like to cookie. It's like that with liverwurst - I love it but hate liver. I'm a weird one I know!