Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Wear My Heart On My Sleeve.

I am a crier.  Not a sniffler, but an out and out full on blubber kind of crier.  On an average I must cry at least three times a day.  Shocking I know.  I cry at people's sad stories, at movies, at books, I even cry at commercials.  I cry when people win on a game show or if I see other people crying.  I cannot seem to stop myself.  It comes on like a shot out of nowhere.

 Last week I was watching Splash on TV.  Now this has to be one of the worst shows that has ever been made.  It's so called stars, more like has been's, every week have to do a new dive.  Louie Anderson was one of the drivers.  He is a comedian that was around about 100 years ago.  He now weights over 400 lbs. He did this backwards dive from a 16 feet diving platform successfully.  When he goes in front of the judges he looks like a very large drowned  bee in his yellow and black stripped wet suit so this should make me laugh, not cry but when Louie saw the replay of his drive he started to cry.  OMG I could not help it there they were tears running down my cheeks just because he was crying.
Louie looking like a 400 lb  bee before he took the plunge.
So I will continue to cry watching Dancing with the Stars when they have, best year of  their life dance week.

Andy Dick kissing his daughter after he dedicated his dance to her.
 I will certainly be crying when someone wins big on Wheel of Fortune.  

Pat ,Vanna, and a big winner
I will continue to cry over every Hallmark movie that was ever made.

Part of Hallmark Love Saga, yes I cried.

And of course I will continue to cry on Survivor family reunion week 

When Jeff Probst says your families are here, I am a goner.
Well you may be saying I need to get a life.  Well maybe I do, but I will see find something to cry about because I wear my heart on my sleeve.

Mary Ann


  1. I wanted to cry when the three of them did not get letters from home on Survivor but then, I would have been ridiculed by my family so I merely sniffed.

  2. I am so with you on this one. My family makes fun of me because just about anything will make me cry. Happy, sad, doesn't matter. I will cry at a song in "High School Musical" because it somehow touched me. I don't have a problem with it. They can make fun all they want, but you never have to wonder how I feel about something!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

  3. Not big on crying! But i love that you are, it's very cute!

  4. I'm a big one for crying too, although most of my blubbering fits are from reading really sad, angsty fanfiction. The angstier the better!