Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for Xmas My Favorite Time Of The Year

I love everything about Xmas.  The lights, the music, giving presents and just being with my family.  When I was a kid my Christmases were always great.  We did not have much money but my dad would always take a second job around the holidays so that he could give us a great Christmas.  My sister and I would wake up Christmas morning and there were tons of surprises under the tree.

Since I had more time last year I decided to make some ornaments using my layered cardstock technique.

 Since I love a vintage look I decided to do some vintage inspired ornaments.

These were my first attempt at ornaments and I was pleasantly surprised at how well they came out.

I then went on to try my hand at some others . For this sewing one I added buttons and thread and made a needle out of of a ornament hook.

Xmas is all about baking so to this one I added some cute tiny cookie cutters that I found at a craft store.  Using my layered paper technique it gives my ornaments a 3D effect.

 There are always lots of presents at Christmas time so why not hang some from the tree.
 Each present is embellished with ribbon and mistletoe.

Because they are layered cardstock they are very light to hang from the tree and indestructible at the hands of little grandchildren.

I have made many more and was lucky enough to sell some on Etsy.  I loved making them and look forward to making more for next Christmas for family and friends.

Merry Xmas
Mary Ann


  1. Good one. I love some Christmas ornaments! You need to make up some more of those!

  2. What beautiful ornaments. You could sell those if you wanted they're very desirable to other Christmas freaks!

  3. the tea set and the teacup are my favourite !! but they all look so good

  4. They're lovely! And happy four month anniversary of Christmas!!!

  5. Beautiful ornaments. XMas is my favorite time of the year as well. Glad I got to read your story.

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  6. Those ornaments are great! Like you I am a huge fan of Christmas and start my X-mas preparations by August - if not sooner! Each year we have a different theme for our tree. We do recycle the themes but we try to add new stuff every year.