Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Married To An Insomniac

I am person who loves to sleep.  I was the odd child who would ask their parents if they could go to bed.  Weird!  So how lucky is it that a sleeper like myself would marry an insomniac?  Very unlucky I would say.  I first learned of Insomniac Ken on our honeymoon.  We were stuck in a small space and he would sit up and watch TV for hours in the middle of the night.  I was in first married, starry eyed love, so I was not bothered at all with his pacing and grumbling all night long.

With that said it makes sense that Insomniac Ken would father, Insomniac Son.   Insomniac Son would keep me up for hours each night for years.  Funny that Insomniac Ken found deep sleep during those years.  Never waking up while Insomniac Son had me walking the floor every night.  To make matters worse I am an early riser so when Insomniac Ken finally falls asleep at 3:00 AM he is not interested in getting started with his day until hours after I do.

Well years have passed and Insomniac Son has married and moved on to stay up all night in his own house.  I unfortunately am still stuck with Insomniac Ken who continues to walk the hallways nightly grumbling, humming, and turning on lights.  Most nights I can sleep through it but some nights his insomniac ramblings keep me up.  And so that's how life with an insomniac goes.

Old photo of Insomniac Ken and Insomniac Son getting a few Zzz's in, probably so they could stay up all night.

Mary Ann


  1. So it is fair to say you are nut rubbing of on him sleep habit wise.
    I love sleep, I was the baby that had to be woken up to be fed or people checked on me if I am still alive, I also nearly got sold in a veggie shop cos people thought I was a sack of potatoes...OK i wasn't the prettiest baby but please...potatoes!

  2. I feel your pain! There is nothing in the world more frustrating to me than not being able to sleep.

    My husband is not a good sleeper and I have Restless Leg Syndrome which is a sleep disorder. Talk about a zoo in our bedroom at night.

    Frankly sometimes I get so frustrated I go in another room to sleep when i'm to the point of sleep deprived.

  3. I know my husband is a night-owl but maybe insomnia is his problem. He is almost always up until 2-3AM, but once asleep he doesn't have trouble. Don't insomniacs have trouble staying asleep too? Hopefully you can sleep--there's always ear plugs : )
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  4. I love to sleep and I married an insomniac and have given birth to two insomniac kids. Good Times!

  5. I have a few night owls in my house. I think it's primarily because they are teenagers still. Funny how night is so attractive at these ages.

  6. You should start crushing sleeping pills in his dinner drink :)

  7. Oh my, well you certainly do have your hands full. Your all still together and that is fabulous!! Love cures all!

  8. Oh my. I thought I had a problem with my hubby wanting to get up every night cause he was stressed or sore with aches and pains. I am a night owl and like to stay up crafting, but I still like my sleep once I am a sleep I want to stay that way. hehehe

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