Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Look Alike's, Quest For Spotting The Rich And Famous

So my husband is one of those people who always thinks someone looks like someone else.  He will be watching a commercial and from two rooms away will call me. "Mary Ann is this Julia Roberts?" I glance at the TV and see a woman who looks nothing like Julia Roberts and why would he think that she would be in a commercial calming that she is less embarrassed about being incontinent since using Depends.

He could be watching a ballgame and the camera will pan the bleachers. "Mary Ann quick come here. look who's at the game isn't that Nelson Mandela?"  Well since he was in a hospital about million miles away yesterday I am thinking that he would not be at a Met game in Queens NY.

 We will be in a store and he will say, I just saw a guy who looks like Stephan King.  He will drag me up and down the aisle stalking the poor guy so I can see if in fact by some crazy chance it is Stephan King.  When we finally find him, to me, he looked more like Larry King and nothing like Stephan.

So in 2009 the movie Place Beyond The Pines was being filmed in upstate NY a few miles from where I live.
On the news every night they talked about star sighting.  So this particular day we had gone to an early appointment  and my husband wanted to get some breakfast at Denny's.  As we were being seated I saw a group of people to my left but paid little attention to who they were.  I sat in the booth with my back to them.  My husband sat facing the group.  Throughout the meal my husband kept glancing over at the group and saying  "one of those guys over there looks familiar", I paid no attention and told him to stop starring and thought OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN..  I never even made and attempt to turn around.  After the large group left the waitress came over and asked if we got to see him?  Him, whose him???  Well Ray Liotta was sitting right over there she said.  So for once my husband did see the real deal but for whatever reason he could not place him.  OMG  Who would think that Ray Liotta would be eating breakfast at Denny's on a weekday.

So I guess from now on when my husband says he just saw Pamela Sue Anderson in aisle 6 at the grocery store it just might be her but then again, hmmmmm probably not.

Mary Ann


  1. I'm not sure I'd even know how to react if I saw someone famous, mind you it's not likely given where I live.

  2. Hahaha your husband is a legend! I am ok with famous people, my ex bfs sister is married to one of Ozzy Osbourne sons, we all got along swimmingly. Met Colin Farrell in a shop in Dublin before, all i thought was...hmm not as tall as expected.

    I might be missing the whole starstruck gene :(

  3. Your husband sounds sweet. It's so nice that he includes you to him him spot celebs. Hahaha

  4. I'm still disturbed that Ray Liotta ate at a Denny's but I know that area and that was probably his safest bet.

  5. George Lucas said "howdy" to me once.
    And I've actually met several famous music people.

  6. Interesting. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge and I look forward to visiting again.


  7. Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world....I hope you return often. I loved this post and the one about Crazy kitty too. I'll be back often. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  8. I think men have an interesting view of people. My husband and I will see someone and he will say it looks like one person and I will think, "Where did he get that? I think he looks just like someone else altogether!" Oh, well. I don't recognize very many people, but I have noticed from time to time I can pull a name out that I haven't heard in decades--it's curious since I can't seem to call my son-in-law the right name! :)

  9. Interesting. I'm visiting from A to Z.
    When a teen my friend and I were waiting at the exit from the state fair for her mother to pick us up. A car pulled up and a couple of feet from us and I said, "That looks like Bob Hope." They pulled out into traffic as some girls ran up and said they had just met Bob Hope and he signed their programs. You never know.
    rita at