Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Traipsing Along

This morning I feel like I am traipsing through the A to Z challenge.  In the beginning had I felt exciting about writing something everyday but this week I feel like A to Z is kicking my butt.  Maybe its the weather that is  getting me down.  Yesterday was sunny but most days lately have been cloudy and still pretty chilly. Today more clouds and rainy tomorrow.

OK enough of my Negative Nellie attitude.  Yesterday I was on a quest to find cardstock paper that had a chevron pattern.  The chevron pattern is extremely popular and I wanted to make some things that would fit in with this big trend.  I am personally not a fan.  I am more of a straight line kind of girl but you have to give the people what they want, so chevron it is.

This is the paper I was able to get.  The colors are pretty bright but from what I have read the borderline neon is also a trend for spring.

I will eventually make some jewelry with it but for now I am going to use it for some key chains that I recently designed.

I made this one as a test.   Since I layer cardstock I worried that it would disintegrate over time from taking it in and out of my purse but I finished it with a durable outdoor coating and it's been holding up extremely well.  My test is a success so I will make more, using my almost neon colored chevron paper.

Crazy Kitty and Priscilla
So this picture has nothing to do with anything that I wrote about today but Crazy Kitty has taken a new step  in her life, she is hanging with her once hated step sister Priscilla.  Can't wait to see whats's next for Crazy Kitty.

Mary Ann


  1. maybe just maybe she will go outside???

    well sometimes you just have to give in and give the people what they want, i like colours...i am interested in seeing the keychains!!!

  2. I think we're all starting to wind down a little with the A-Z. We're over the exciting newness of it all, and the last few days are dragging.

  3. Hang in there! Not much farther to go and then you can celebrate finishing the challenge.