Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Y Words Of Things I Can't Do

There are few thing in my life that I think that I am excellent at.

Sleeping- I am a great sleeper unless my husbands wakes me up during the night and then I am just an angry non-sleeper

Watching TV -  I could win contests with my TV watching skills.

Eating - Give me a bowl of pasta or a big juicy burger with waffle fries and a box of cupcakes. Hmmmm I am a happy girl.

But there are many other things that I am really bad at and since today is the letter Y in the A to Z challenge I will write about the bad Y things that I can't do.

Yodeling -  When my sister and I were little we would do our best to yodel but with no success.  Years later yodeling is still not a skill that I have mastered.

Yoga - From what I have read yoga is a great way to exercise but I can barely get off of a chair, so the thought of twisting my sad body into a pretzel like position, YIKES!!!!! is not something that I care to try.

Yo-Yoing -  Most if us have had a yo yo growing up.  I can do a straight up and down yo yo with no problem but I have never been able to go beyond that doing tricks like Walk The Dog or The Cradle.

We are all great at some things but really bad at others.  Maybe next year that can be my A to Z theme.  Letters that start words that I am really bad at.  Wow! I think it could work.  At least I would never run out of material.

One more to go
Mary Ann


  1. thankfully yodeling is not a life saving skill so I think you'll be fine!

    I am a very good sleeper and eater myself!

  2. I'm not much of a yodeler or very handy with a yoyo, but I've done some yoga and enjoy that. Although, I never looked anything like that pic! :)

    Happy A-Z!

  3. Yo-yo I can do. Yoga was hard but I did it for awhile. Yodeling is fun to listen to if it is not me trying it. I can sleep and eat with the best of them. While I believe you can do anything you put your mind to, some things are better left alone.

  4. I think we're related! I could have written this post :)