Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mothers Day Bling

Doing the A to Z Blogger Challenge has been kicking my butt.  click here to see what its all about  The suggestion of the A to Z group before I started was to get the blogs done early.  Well I really tried but it just did not happen for me.  So I have been scrambling.  Which means I am leaving my other things by the wayside like designing and crafting.  Well since it was a day off from the challenge yesterday I decided to work on some ideas that I had rolling around it my head and thought it was a great opportunity to combine my A to Z Challenge  M word with my Mothers Day creations.

Since Mothers Day is right around the corner I wanted to do some things that would appeal to people who were looking for something specific for Mom's.  I really make lots of different things combining heavy card stock paper with all kinds of materials.  I stumbled upon some acrylic shapes in Michael's a few months back, buying them on a whim, not really knowing how I would use them.  Many of my ideas hit me in the middle of the night. (see my earlier post about my husband being and insomniac) I am up anyway so I think of things to write about or design.  During one of these nights I remembered the acrylic shapes and a design started to formulate, so yesterday I set some time aside to put my plan into action.

These are the Mom pendants, I have made so far.  The backing of all three is heavy card stock that I layered  and then applied a protective coating which makes them very strong.  I glued an acrylic shape to each, first lining them with a coordinating card stock. I added Mom and embellished them with some Swarovski crystal bling, finishing them with silver bails and chains.

Mary Ann


  1. Love your mom bling. I actually don't have anything that says"mom" believe it or not. Maybe i need to drop some hints!

  2. This is such a cool idea! Love it! I wish I had more time to craft; I have barely enough time to write..and ideas usually hit me in the middle of the night, too!
    Cool blog!
    From A-Z,

  3. These are so cute. Any mother would love one!

    I'm feeling the weight of A to Z today, too. Must be a Monday thing :-)

  4. You are so talented!! The Mom pendants are perfect!
    A to Z-ing
    Peanut Butter and Whine

  5. Lovin' the bling! Great work!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  6. When I was a teenage I gave my mother a pendant with a mother and child engraved inside a piece of crystal and she opened it and burst into tears. She really loved it and I have always remember that.

    These "mom" pendants are a great idea - just think someone you make these for will treasure them so much like my mum does hers.