Friday, April 12, 2013

K is The Story Of Crazy Kitty

Crazy Kitty the cat came to us when she was 4 years old, she had been abandoned by her owner. She had never been sprayed and she had a horrible case of ear mites.  I had her fixed and got her healthy.  My intent was to find her a home since I already had two cats.  I was very lucky to find someone who was willing to take her and I breathed a sigh of relief as I drove away Kitty free that day.  It was short lived because 24 hours later they wanted her out of their house ASAP.  Apparently Kitty had bitten her new owners and would not come out from under the bed.  Poor Kitty was a bit of an odd ball and I was not sure if I would be able to find her another home, so I kept her.  YIKES, what was I thinking?

For the first 5 years with us, Crazy Kitty lived in a room.  No matter what I would do she would not leave that room.  A number of times I would carry her out to other places in the house and she would end up being so scared that she would throw up or pee on me. Not pretty!  She ate, slept, and pooped all in the same room.  She would come as far as the door and then would run back to the safety of her fleece bed.

Then one day out of the blue Crazy Kitty just came out of the room into the kitchen.  I was shocked and excited thinking she was finally coming around,  but no matter what I did she would only go as far as the kitchen.  So for another few years Kitty slept in a corner on a kitchen chair on her fleece bed until one day when I wanted to paint the kitchen,  I  moved her chair and bed into the living room.  She decided she liked the living room so she started sleeping on a chair in the living room on her fleece bed.

Crazy Kitty is now 13 and has lived with us for 9 years. Kitty's world had expanded over time and she was now going from living room to kitchen to her old room and back but she still would not venture beyond those few rooms.  Well 6 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and found Kitty laying next to me sharing my pillow. Crazy Kitty had decided it was time to move from the living room to our upstairs bedroom and since it took her 9 years to get there she must have been exhausted and needed a little nap.  Kitty sleeps with me every night now thankfully not on my pillow but curled up next to me.

Poor Crazy Kitty's one ear is deformed from her untreated ear mites.
Life with Kitty has had its ups and down and at this point I am not sure who is crazier me or her.

Mary Ann


  1. awwhh this was so nice to read tho. We had our share of crazy cats. I had one cat that would live under my bed, he stayed a bit too long with the chickens as a kitten I believe. But he was scared of everything, the only thing that could give him comfort was biting my toes...

  2. Lovely story, she's lucky to have you:-)
    thanks for sharing

  3. Funny! Eventually she should hit every room of the house. Really sad someone would abandon her.

  4. Cat's are something aren't they?
    Very cute story.

  5. She certainly does things at her own speed. And she's lucky to have such a patient owner!

    have fun with A to Z!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  6. What a pretty baby. Cats always do what they want in their own time. I am happy she has a loving home.

  7. We had a cat adopt us, but he owns everything. Posts on my blog about the cat always get extra views.