Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Doing The Victory Dance

I few days ago I wrote about my sink leaking and causing havoc to the floor and my life.  Living without water in your kitchen is painful.  No water for dishes or dishwasher.  I had to do it all in my bathroom sink which was annoying and it kind of made me a little, or maybe a lot sick to my stomach.  Bathrooms and clean dishes do not go. YUCK!!!!!

The plumber was supposed to come today but he called  yesterday afternoon and said he had some time, could he come over.  That was the start of my victory dance I was so excited to get it done.  I had gotten his name from Angie's List so I was hoping for the best.  He fixed the leak and put in a new sink and facet and it turned out he was awesome.  Really nice guy who looked and talked like Columbo minus the trench coat and the best part no plumbers crack in sight.

So I woke up this morning able to fill my coffee pot and rinse my dishes.  Really sick and sad how a new sink, facets and water can make my day.

This is me doing the victory dance.  Well maybe not me, but me doing the victory dance if I was 40 years younger.

Mary Ann


  1. I could have sworn that was you on the video..glad you cleared that one up!! LOL

  2. Congrats on fixing the plumbing problem!!

  3. congrats!!! also drinking water out of the tap from the bathroom..somehow it feels yuck!

  4. Hideous! Had to recaulk the kitchen sink and that took 2 days, one day to get it really dry so I could caulk lit, and another day to let it dry after caulking.